Blood Moon Facts

Greetings in the Name above ALL names-- Jesus, Yeshua I make this webpage based on seeing ‘God’s Perfect Sign’ which can be seen from the following hotlink;

I felt led to compile this page based on the fact that all those watching for our Lord & King’s rapture who know based on God’s Word in Genesis which states “Gen 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for sign, and for season, and for days, and years:” that God used the sun, moon, and the stars in the heavens for signs which is one reason our Lord called those following the star to our Lord’s birth within this world as ‘wise men’; “Mat 2:1 Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there cam wise men from the east to Jerusalem, Mat 2:2 Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.” And, with all of the blood moons that God has been showing us in the Heavens the last few years, it has had MANY of those watching for our Lord & King trying to figure out what our Loving Heavenly Father has been trying to tell us.

I have found it absolutely fascinating how our Loving Heavenly Father has revealed “God’s Perfect Sign” to someone to show that when looking at ALL of the recent blood moons, they form a perfect symmetry around one specific date being Jan 05, 2015. ‘It would seem’ that our Lord and King using ALL of the recent blood moons is providing us a ‘reference point or bull’s eye by which we’re to focus our attention on. So, using this date, I have then compiled this webpage for any and all of those ‘Lovingly and Eagerly’ watching for our Lord and King to look over and consider. Lord Bless!

All RED text = TETRAD Blood Moons

TETRAD MIDPOINT =       1/5/2015

Blood Moon 12/21/2010 to midpoint=        1,477 days

Blood Moon 6/15/11 to midpoint=               1,299 days

Blood Moon 12/10/11 to midpoint=             1,122 days

Blood Moon 4/15/14 to midpoint=               266 days

Blood Moon 10/8/14 to midpoint=               90 days


Blood Moon 4/4/15 to midpoint=                 90 days

Blood Moon 9/28/15 to midpoint=               266 days

Blood Moon 1/31/18 to midpoint=               1,122 days

Blood Moon 7/27/18 to midpoint=               1,299 days

Blood Moon 1/21/19 to midpoint=               1477 days


From 05/26/2021 to 12/31/2028 2776 including end date= 2777 days

From 01/05/2015 to 12/31/2028 = 5110 days

1260 days = time, times and a half of time = 3.5 years


2520 days = 7 year time span 2777-2520 = 257 days

So, almost exactly TWO 7 year time spans from 01/05/2015 to 12/31/2028 with a 70 day difference. In other words, 2520 * 2 =  5040 days

AND – from 01/05/2015 to 12/31/2028 (included end date)= 5110 days so there’s an additional 70 days in there found that 10/22/2028 to 12/31/2028 = 70 days.


From TETRAD MIDPOINT of 1/5/2015 + 7 years or 2520 days = 11/28/2021 (including end date)

From 11/28/2021 + 7 years or 2520 days = 10/21/2028


Jewish Calendar for 2028;


10/21/2028 = Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

From 5/26/2021 to 03/30/2028 = 2520

From 03/30/2028 to 12/31/2028 = 277 days (including end date)


Rosh Hashana  9/21 to 9/22 2028

Yom Kippur      9/30 2028

Sukkot                10/4 through 10/11 2028


From 1/5/2015 to 10/21/2028 = 5039 include first day = 5040 days or two 7 year time periods exactly.

MarCheshvan (sometimes called Cheshvan) is the second month of the Jewish calendar counting from Rosh Hashanah. Cheshvan is the only month that does not have any holidays or special mitzvot. We are taught that it is “reserved” for the time of Moshiach, who will inaugurate the Third Temple in the month of Cheshvan.

From 12/21/2010 to 01/21/2019 = 2953 (no end date included) /2 =       1476.5 days

From 06/15/2011 to 07/27/2018 = 2599 (no end date included) /2 =       1299.5 days

From 12/10/2011 to 01/31/2018 = 2244 (end date included) /2 =             1,122 days

From 04/15/2014 to 09/28/2015 = 531 (no end date included) /2 =         265.5 days

From 10/08/2014 to 04/04/2015 = 179 (end date included) /2 =              89.5 days

From 02/21/2008 to 05/26/2021 = 4844 (end date included) /2 =   2422 days

And, when you add 2422 days to the blood moon of 10/08/2014 you end up

At the appointed blood moon of 05/26/2021


May 15, 2019 UPDATE;


Signs, God’s means of trying to communicate with us;

Interpretation of signs; our effort to understand the signs;


So on Jan 21st of 2019 there was a sign within a sign from our Heavenly Father (A meteorite that struck the moon DURING a full blood moon) at the exact UTC time of 04:41:43 and it was ‘initially’ thought that the UTC time which is a depiction of hours; minutes; and seconds actually represented days thus totally 88 days and so thus many were expecting something (yes possibly the rapture) on 04/19/2019 (including me).


So, what if instead of all three parts of that UTC time just as it represents 3 different aspects of time (hours, minutes, and seconds) also represents different aspects of time? And, who knows ‘maybe’, just maybe it could represent Month, Days, and Hours so while MANY are thinking that the Heavenly Father is waiting for the ‘completion’ of the 70 years for Israel which is about May 14th on the Gregorian calendar let’s then use this thought and again look at the UTC time of 04:41:43.


Let’s say that 04 actually represents the month which is our fourth month of April. Then 41 represents the days from April first which then takes us to May 11th. Now let’s add 43 hours to that and we end up at 7:00 p.m. on May 12th or just 29 hours prior to the deadline of Israel ending its 70th year. Now the question becomes 7:00 p.m. from where? The U.S. east coast since were using Gregorian time?


OK, May 12th has now come and gone so NOW, my feeling is; that God had this meteorite hit this last blood moon at the EXACT UTC TIME of 04:41:43 due to the significance of what the Hebrew and Greek definitions are of the number of days from the TETRAD MIDPOINT of Jan 05, 2015 to May 12th, 2019 since our Father is ‘outside’ of time and space and KNEW that we (His Son’s wise virgins) would be watching. Those definitions are as follows;


The Tetrad Midpoint of 01/05/2015 to 05/12/2019 = 1589 days and the Hebrew for that # is; H1589





A primitive root; to thieve (literally or figuratively); by implication to deceive: - carry away, X indeed, secretly bring, steal (away), get by stealth.

Total KJV occurrences: 40


And the Greek for 1589 is; G1589





From G1586; (divine) selection (abstractly or concretely): - chosen, election.

Total KJV occurrences: 7


It’s almost like God is so lovingly trying to help us to understand that the moment of His Son’s ‘Catching Away’ will be done just as that ‘Hebrew’ definition is for that # of days (secretly) FOR ONLY His ‘chosen, election’ and NOT for those who are NOT watching passionately and eagerly for Him. So although I was bummed out due to His ‘Catching Away’ didn’t happen then, it seems that God our Loving Heavenly Father has helped me understand the ‘reason’ for this sign within a sign. Praise His Name!


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