These thoughts are listed with varying dates. I have tried to date each thought when I had penned them down. It seems that you can't spend time in His presence without Him filling your heart with thoughts and so that is what these are.

 About me and my thoughts

FORREST GUMP Forrest Gump Goes to Heaven ( a cute & funny joke)

 A Cute Story of God and the Geese (a cute story)

 A Cute Fun Story of THE PAINTER (one last cute & funny joke)

The Timing of the Rapture

Some Thoughts on Balance

My Take on Gods Perfect Sign

Light verses dark

Why all of the Delays?

The Neglected Salvation Message


Poverty vs. Riches in the Coming Kingdom of our Lord Jesus

Balance is What Pleases our Lords Heart

The Harshness of The Rapture

My Present Feelings on Rapture 2017

My Take on Stephen Jarrads Teaching of Children in the Rapture

Israels Leap Month

How I spent my Sept 30th, 2017

My Thoughts on Robert Breakers Video

To Family and Friends

The State of our Lamps

The Solid Rock of Christ

Hurry up and Wait!

The Present Hour

The Midnight Cry

Just Because Someone May Have an Audience with Man

When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Usesless Salt/Ueselss Branches

Everlasting Joy & Delights!

Fight for whats Worth Fighting For!

The Most lethargic people at the Present Hour

The Responsibility of those who teach Gods Word Publicly

The Messiness of Fruit

In The Fulness of Time

Watch & Believe

Our Responsibilities After Receiving the Free Gift of Salvation

Hungering for the Hidden Knowledge

The Most Dangerous Creatures Amongst Gods Creation

The Compassionate Savior

Flat Earthers

To Know or not to Know

Similarities between Matt 25:1-13 and Rev Chapters 2&3

Getting our Garments Ready for the King!

What Truly Amazes me

My feelings on the Shroud of Turin

 When life is cut short amongst Believers

 The Glass through which we see God

 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

 The Parable of the Doggies

 Why is it the Unknown Day & Hour?

a To Know the mind of God

a A Thought about the wise/foolish Virgins


aThe Oil in the Lamps


 The Bull's-Eye of Life


a Rev 21:1


a The Determining Factor of Salvation


aThe Saturation Point


aThe Reason God Penned 1 Corinthians 13


aMy Take on the Supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit


aThe Greatest Things


aMy Feelings concerning the Wise Virgins


aThe Expectant Mothers


aKeeping our eye on the Prize!


aThe Good Soil for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb


aOnce Saved, Always Saved, if ---


a True Sight!

a The Beauty of God!

a Growing our Heavenly Wealth

a The Fire of Love

a The Joy of Service

a Time to Widen the Tent

a The Joy of Being Real

a The Gift of Giving

a Knowing our Limits

a The Joy of Whole Hearteness!

a Life through death

 False Appearances

 The Purpose of adversity

 Not by Might nor by Power, nor by Health or Wealth

 Out with the old and in with the New!

 The Chess Game of Life

 Being a Shining Light for Christ

 Living in the Liberty of Christ!

 Seeking a Sign

 Growing in Favor with God

 Living in the Light

 Fullness of Joy!

 Coping with Consequences

 Slaves of Righteousness

 Going Forward or Backward?

 Through the muck and the mire

 Religion or Relationship?

  Tenacity rather than Technique

 Fullness through emptiness

 Treading Water or Burning Rubber?

 What would you do?

 Not by Might nor by Power

 Fan the Flames!

 The Joys and Trials of Knowledge

 Streams of Living Water!

 The Challenge of Riches

 True Riches

 Kids of the Kingdom

 Tools of the Master!

 Refining our Focus

 Going for the Best!

 Our Proximity with God

 Taking time to Listen

 Being more than Conquerors!

 Leading by following

 The Test of Trueness

 The Beauty of the Trinity

 The Beauty of Faithfulness

 Growing in Grace

 Growing in Love

 Christ, the fulfillment of the law

 Baptism by immersion vs sprinkling

 Beauty in Diversity

 Delighting in Christ!

 Walking in the Light

 By their Fruit you will know them

 Wisdom from Above

 Flowing in Freedom

 Foresight not Hindsight

 Quality not Quantity

 Me, a slave?

 How Hot is your Fire?

 The Joys of surrender

 Building muscle not fat

 Being a mountain walker vs. a mountain climber

 Is it or isn't it?

 Rich in Ritual or Relationship?

 Time to Hunger!

 Time to Fight!

 The Beauty of Being Pliable

 Whose are You?

 The Schoolmasters of Life

 The form of Godliness

 Running the Race

 Blessed are the Merciful

 Total Contentment

 Learning to Listen

 Learning the Heavenly Language

 Faithfulness to the End!

 Walking with God

 Walking by Faith, Not by sight

 The Beginning and Ending

 Widen the Tent!

 A Christmas Poem

 The Greatest Gift!

 Awaken America!

 The Heavenly Gentleman

 Fight for Life

















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