Our Family &Friends

Our Son Joe O'Connor's Wife


Our Son Joe Haskins and His Family


Our Son Joe Haskins Testimony

Ellie's Mural Pictures

Jeff, Theresa, and Devin Horvat PLUS

Doc Davis and Family about 1975


Alaskan Winter Wonder Land!

My Brother in Jesus Jeff Turkel's site

The Fellowship of Christian Fire Fighters

Captain Karella and Crew's Silver!

Birch Lake Baptisms

Our Anchorage Trip

Beautiful Landscape Pictures

My Babies

Us and Son

The Kids!

The Grandkids!

The Wife & i

Kevin's 47th Birthday

Jan's Graduation Photo

Kevin's Graduation Photo

Kevin's 1975 Military Photo

Kevin's 1971 7th Grade Photo

Dad & Son's Year 2000 Fishing Trip

Father & Son on his 25th

Joe's 25th Birthday

Riverboat in Fairbanks on Joe's B-Day

Our Home

Resting in Peace

An Alaskan Fish!

One HUGE Sturgeon!

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