About Us, The O'Connors/Williamson Family

Greetings and welcome to our home page. Our greatest desire is to bring glory and honor to the One who purchased our eternal salvation with His own life, death and resurrection.

We would first like to make links available to you that lead you to a closer walk with Christ. Some of the links, while providing good bible studies also tend to make their denomination clear. Please know that we feel that Christ in us is our only hope of glory, Col 1:27. and that each of us individually must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling as Phil 2:12 states. If You know of some great links that bring glory to The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, e-mail us the link and we may just add it on here. Please let us know if we list any links that may be questionable as one brother has. Thank you and Lord Bless you!

Welcome to our page. My name is Kevin, and my wife's name is Janis. We have two daughters, a son and I (Kevin) have 3 sons from an adoption. We have three lovely grandchildren via our second child Krissy & one grandson via our oldest daughter Theresa and son-in-law Jeff Horvat as well as three Grandkids from my son Joe Haskins and his Lovely Wife Crystal. Our son, Joe OConnor, has graduated from a chef school in Portland, OR and hes now back in Fairbanks continuing his education. We moved up here to Fairbanks, Alaska as of August, 1995 after having lived in Kodiak Island Alaska for our first 5.5 years here. And YES! Alaska is truly a magnificent land to live in! I am now retired but have worked as a Data System's Specialist and computer technician with the FAA, my wife Jan is a homemaker, and our son Joe OConnor has graduated from Lathrop high school and now works as a Financial guru here at the local hospital. Our son Joe Haskins and his Lovely wife Crystal are both in active ministry for Christ in Lancaster, California.

Who are the OConnors/Williamsons? My birth name was Williamson but my Dad, Loren Williamson and my Mother were divorced when I was about 6 years old. My Mom remarried when I was about 8 years old and my older brother Kerry Williamson was permitted to go and live with my Father and his new family while I and my sis, Karen Williamson, were to remain with our Mom. That was kind of hard to lose your older brother and Dad who Ive heard was blocked from communicating with me and my sis. This resulted in me having my name changed to that of my step Dad, William F. OConnor. And, due to pain incurred while seeking a Father/son relationship with my step Dad and not finding it, I sought out my birth Father as an adult and was quite glad I had done so. While ignoring my step Dads cruel remarks while communicating with him over the next few years due to hurting him by returning to my birth Dad, my step Dad finally softened with his relationship with me and we finally grew through the pain that we had both inflicted on each other unintentionally. I finally came to the point of deciding to return to the OConnor name due to 90 % of my child hood memories were with him instead of with my birth Dad and the fact that we were finally growing to a deeper level of relationship through our pain. Unfortunately, this fact has resulted in causing pain to my birth Dad. Wow, no wonder God hates divorce and the number it does on those caught in its wake. So, though Ive chosen to legally claim the name OConnor, Im grateful for my Dad, Loren Williamson and regret we could not experience life together.

The following is a basic description of some of our interests along with internet links to some of those interests; Husband has been a Prayer intercessor and loves God family and country, Enjoys all outdoor activities, Enjoys classical and old hymns and worshipful type music, Enjoys hunting and fishing, Enjoys pets, Enjoys IBM type of computer. The Wife is into; Crafts, Ferrets, Classic films, Mysteries, Antiques, Old book collector, and finally our son Joe OConnor is into; Skateboarding, Snowboarding, and Cooking.

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