Watchmen for our Lord & King Jesus The Christ!


The purpose of this document is to try and unite the ‘wise virgins’ as noted in Matt 25:1-13 of our Lord and King Yeshua (Jesus). I feel that the declaration of the ‘Treacherous Deal’ announced by president Trump on 01/28/2020 is just that and is NO peace deal! Those watchmen that ALSO feel this way are being listed here. If for ANY REASON any of these leave that ‘understanding’ I would appreciate it for anyone to notify me with a link sharing that fact so once I confirm it, they will be removed from this listing. And, if anyone knows of other channels that have made ‘public’ statements that also agree with this understanding (that this deal is foul and from the pits of hell itself), I also would appreciate the sharing of any public listing of those thoughts so I may add it to this list. For, it’s my personal feeling that those supposedly ‘watchmen’ that don’t agree that this is from the pits of hell itself, are not worthy to be called watchmen while those who do realize that truly are.


The following is a listing of the channel names followed by hotlinks to their channel. These agree that this ‘plan’ from Trump  is NOT from God!



God's Roadmap to the End




SR Monette


J.D. Farag




Hourly Watch


Watchman On The Wall 88


Honest News Network


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