Penned by:                            Kevin K O’Connor

Date penned:                        Sept 25, 2017

Thought:                               An email just sent to my closest Family and Friends


I consider myself to be a ‘date watcher’ not a ‘date setter’! Only the Lord knows WHEN He will be taking His bride away, not me! BUT, that doesn’t mean that I can feel in my heart that He will be doing it on a certain date and if so share that with those that I love and care about. I on Sept 7th shared a ‘penning’( ) that I feel the Lord had laid on my heart concerning the fact of what our Lord said both in Matt 24 AND in Matt 25 where our Lord was telling His Apostles about the end of the age. In the one instance Jesus said that it would be ‘as in the days of Noah’ and in the other of the parables of the wise/foolish virgins, He mentions within the parable that both the wise and foolish had a very slight warning of His coming before it actually happened. If one goes back to Genesis and reads as it was in the days of Noah, God had actually given him a 7 days warning prior to the rain falling. So based on what our Lord said both in Matt 24 and 25, I was expecting some kind of revelation as to when His Rapture would be thinking that He would want His bride to be aware of it just as is seen in the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. Well God made sure that the whole world was made aware of this 7 day sign in my opinion since it ALSO is clearly recorded in Rev 12 and that is the Rev 12 sign that MANY were thinking was the time of His Rapture BUT, I feel and NOW MANY Christians are now coming on board with, (and only a few prior to the sign of Sept 23rd) believing that Jesus Rapture is to be Sept 30th 2017, which is 7 days AFTER the Rev 12 sign completion. So, now everyone taking the time to read this now have an option, believe it, or don’t. What is to believe? People’s feelings, NOT what God has said or date setting. God does that (date setting) just as He did with the sign in the Heavens that completed on Sept 23rd, now we must ask ourselves, why? I for one believe I know why and now many other Christians do as well, what will be your decision? One thing is for certain, I believe Jesus gave the parable of the wise/foolish virgins in Matt 25 for a reason, some were actually expecting Him while others weren’t, where do each of those reading this reside? On a phrase of ‘no man knows’, or on what has just transpired as a completion of the Rev 12 sign that NO ONE can refute! The question is who are the wise ones as in the Days of Jesus birth that had people see the signs in the Heavens and followed it to the birth place of Jesus and who have been called wise in God’s Word because of it? I think God’s Word makes it clear to who are wise and who aren’t, those that are watchful and waiting expectantly not just being one of the virgins that truly weren’t expectant. He has made His signs evident that MANY were (including myself) had HOPED would be His ‘Catching Away’ of His bride, BUT NOW many including myself believe it was meant ONLY to be exactly what it was a SIGN and a 7 day one at that to the actual planned event of our Lord & King being this coming 30th of Sept, 2017. Now what will each of you do with this? I for one will be doing my doggie dance, ( ) what will you be doing, going about your daily business as though nothing out of the ordinary will be happening? One thing is for sure, AFTER the Rapture, all those foolish virgins became INSTANLY wise, but then was a bit too late.

Lovingly Shared, Kevin K O’Connor Sept 25, 2017

P.S. for those interested, My YouTube channel of Kevin O'Connor 448 subscribers lists MANY Christians that ‘feel’ the same way. For those interested, you may view their videos there or, you may just ignore all that’s transpired recently with the Rev 12 sign and believe it was just a fluke and has no real reason for being there at all.



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