The Most Dangerous Creatures Among Godís Creation

Penned by:††††††††††††††††† Kevin K OíConnor

Date penned:††††††††††††† July 16, 2017

Thought:†††††††††††††††††††† To examine the thought of the deadliest things in existence.

Additional note:†††††††† While Microsoft Word wants me to capitalize the word Ďsataní I refuse to, his own decision to focus on self rather than his Creator has left him abased.


And one more additional thought as we lay the foundation of this penning; To focus on oneís self rather than the Creator of oneís self is the first step into this abyss of becoming one of the deadliest creatures in existence.And, the most deadly of all creatures in existence are those with a knowledge of God in their heads which hasnít made it down to their hearts.

And, case in point with that last thought is the father of all lies and that is satan himself. Fortunately for mankind, when we accept his lies and die because of it, we have the option to repent before we breathe our last breath which by the way I feel that Adam & Eve did because who was more aware than themselves after having seen perfection and then experienced the death of separation from their Creator due to their neglect to listen to His heart in obedience to His Word?

Also notice who were the ones that satan was able to use (that the Heavenly Father allowed) to crucify the Lord of Glory? Those who had a knowledge of God in their heads but NOT their hearts!

People of religious knowledge are some of the deadliest people in existence without realizing that while they Ďthinkí theyíre following God (as Paul the Apostle did in the stoning of Stephen) are actually ponds of satan himself.

How quick those that have a head knowledge of God are sooo quick to stone those who disagree with them and how quick God is to forgive. I can post tons of scriptures as a reference to these thoughts but God has made it very, very clear in His Word that He prefers Mercy to Justice. Oh, He HAS to be Just for He is not only Loving but also Holy and this is why His Son is sooo very dear to His Heart, Jesus has made a way for EVERY one that has gone their own way to be forgiven! Praise His Name! The problem with those who emphasize His Truth (in their heads) is that they tend to neglect Mercy that originates from the heart.

Donít get me wrong, the world is on the verge of finally seeing Godís wrath expressed to the umpteenth degree as soon as He allows His Son to remove His bride, and I believe those who have emphasized His Justice rather than His mercy will be left behind like the foolish virgins as noted in Matt 25:1-13. Only then will they become wise, how unfortunate and yet each and every one now has the opportunity to enter into His Mercy rather than His Justice.

Heavenly Father, Thank You for not only being Infinitely Holy, But, also Infinitely Merciful which is Fully expressed to all who will listen in Your Son, Jesus our Lord! May He ever be our passion, our hope, and our reason for being for itís in His Glorious, Eternal Name we pray, Amen.

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