Written by His Grace,

Christmas Day Dec. 25th 2002

By Kevin K. O’Connor


The Greatest Gift!


Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.


Just as the magnitude of Creation is beyond the mind of man to comprehend, so too is the magnitude of God’s love to us expressed through the Giving of His Son! It’s very sad that we don’t take more time to contemplate the Love of God for us. What is amazing is how God created everything and said, I would like fellowship. All Power and Authority is His and yet He created us to know Him personally! WOW, that is awesome.


We get caught up in the thought that love and joy are experienced through things. We know that is not true if we were to look at God Himself who with all power and all creation at His feet wanted something more – fellowship. Could this desire to create man have been spawned by the fact that He joyfully gave of Himself to satan much power and authority because it pleased Him to do so with satan focusing his eyes on the things and not on the heart of God? Could it be that God has decided to let sin run its course throughout creation because of this foul and blind lust for things instead of Love and His desire to have this removed from all of His creation?


You know, in a way, I wish that God hadn’t told us of the indescribable beauties of Heaven. Mansions, streets of gold, gates made of huge pearls, foundation stones of beautiful gems, etc… But then again, this could be a part of His plan to weed out those whose hearts focus on those things and not on His Heart. God’s Heart hopes that His Word will find good soil to take root in but understands that many hearts are focusing on what their eyes can see, their hands can feel, and their small minds can comprehend. This beautiful nature of God’s Giving Heart is so Wonderful and Powerful, it even touches the heart of man during this Blessed time of year remembering the Gift of God to us. This has spawned such wonderful classic movies of men also giving freely of themselves like in “Scrooge” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”. In these movies we learn that Love not greed is the best thing of Life.


Unfortunately our memories are very short lived. For as soon as the New Year rolls around we begin to focus right back on ourselves and our wants instead of what God would want of us. We neglect giving Him our time, our thoughts or our love. How very sad to have only a very small amount of time each year to get into this Spirit of Giving. And, when I say giving it seems like the first thing that pops into our minds is the giving of things and yet Love is so much more. Giving God’s way means giving from our heart. Whether it’s a glass of cold water in His Name, or weeping with those who weep or rejoicing with those who rejoice. It’s learning how to listen from one’s heart the needs of those around us and respond from the heart of God to those in need. We need to realize that the greatest need of mankind is not things, but God Who is Love in the truest since. It’s not the form of God through religious activities or declarations, It’s the Love of God expressed through our lives.


All of the activities of service to Him are good but we must not allow our hearts to wrap themselves around our service to Him. When we do that we become professional “Christians” whose God becomes our service to Him. Our eyes need to stay focused on Him, Christ, who although in the form of God humbled Himself to die a terrible death on the cross. We need to focus on His Heart and not just the external workings of His hands while here below. I’m so glad that when He healed people that He did it differently almost each time because had He done it the same way we would have made some kind of crazy denomination based on His healing technique and not on His Heart. God is free within the boundaries of Holiness, and Love and yet we’re the first ones to try and put Him in a box so that we can put Him on when we want or speak words that sound like His when we want. We love looking like Him or sounding like Him but we need to learn how to die like Him as well. Our old prideful, selfish, sinful nature just doesn’t want that! Christ, Who being God totally emptied Himself out to the Father “not my will but Thy will be done”, how much more should we learn how to entrust all of our hearts to Him as well?


We need to know that the Law (the techniques) of walking with God were made for man and not man for the Law and that the greatest Law is LOVE! So that when there is a conflict between keeping one of the minor laws to keeping the major law of Love, the greater of the two wins out. Like when the thief on the cross who saw the heart of God in Christ and asked the Lord to remember him, Christ said “you will be with me”. Love The Greatest Law won out over the fact that it just wasn’t feasible for him to be baptized as an outward showing to an inward happening.


We get so caught up thinking that the outward showing makes the inward relationship happen – wrong! The thief was a thief, worthy of death whose only redemption was that He saw and believed Christ for Who He was. Christ knew that and knew that the greatest Law of Love was met and the lesser laws would have to take a back seat. God’s Love continues to shout at us each day with beautiful sunrises, sunsets, His faithfulness with the seasons, and on and on and on… Why don’t we discipline ourselves to spend some time with Him? Hasn’t He earned it? I would say YES! In His Greatest Gift – Himself, His Son! Merry Christmas!


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