Similarities between Matt 25:1-13 and Rev 2&3

Penned by:                  Kevin K O’Connor

Date Penned:              July 5, 2017

Main Thought:          To examine how much Matt 25:1-13 and Rev Chapters 2&3 relate with each other.


For the purpose of simplifying this document, henceforth scriptures Matt 25:1-13 will be references as ‘A’ and scriptures of Rev 2 &3 as ‘B’.


I’m amazed at how much these two different scripture references of A & B relate with each other so decided to pen it down.


Note that in A, The Bridegroom is to be returning ONLY for those READY for Him, and in B the Bridegroom is talking to both the wise and foolish virgins (Christians) with what (if anything) each group should be doing to be getting ready for Him. Note that in both A & B, they were very much aware of the Bridegroom, but since the foolish virgins of group A was indifferent with their preparation to meet the Bridegroom they were prevented from entering into the Wedding Feast with Him just as those who are warned in B to repent or else. And, just as there were those in A that were invited in with the Bridegroom, so there will be those in B allowed to do the same and thus avoid the great testing that is to come upon the whole earth (Rev 3:10)


It seems that the parable shared in A shows the actual state (indifference compared to excited anticipation) of both sets of Christians that are waiting for the Bridegroom while in B, the Lord is actually describing where those that aren’t ready (5 of the 7 churches) for Him, how to get ready and then praise for those who actually are ready (2 of the 5 churches) for Him.


How sad it is for those responsible to speak our Father’s heart, to only speak what is popular to those giving of their tithes and offerings. And what is more popular than to speak ‘all those that confess that Jesus is Lord (all of the virgins) will be accepted into the Wedding Feast of the Lamb’ and totally neglect our Lord’s Word as given to us in both A & B which clearly shows this is NOT the case!?


Oh how we twist and manipulate God’s Word for our own selfish means! Oh how we love to jump on the thought ‘Once saved, always saved’ and neglect the myriad of scriptures that tell us ‘IF’ our faith remains, YES, He is faithful to keep us, but NO if we allow our faith to grow cold and die. For as His Word tells us that it’s impossible to please Him apart from faith (Heb 11:6  But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.) so all satan has to do is to kill it within those that have come to accept Him, no wonder our Lord gives us the parable of the sower and seed and how some seed actually falls into the soil but because it’s so shallow, it may start out strong but because it has little depth, it dies out. So, instead of speaking God’s Word accurately to bring souls into the Kingdom and keep them there, they speak after their own flesh and give people a ‘false hope’ of eternal life based on their ‘confession only’ that promotes laziness and a dying faith and not a life of obedience to His Word which promotes a vibrant and overcoming faith.


In the same way, God’s Word seems to be quite clear that while there is two groups of people (wise & foolish) waiting for the Bridegroom as noted in A, there is also two groups of people the Bridegroom is speaking to in B. And, just like in A where one group proved itself to be wise because it was actually ready for Him, in the same way, one group in B will prove to be the same by repenting as the Lord commands them to do so that they too my enjoy the same escape He promises to the Philadelphia church in Rev 3:10.


The world is NOT waiting for the Bridegroom and yet how many pastors do you hear preaching that there are both wise, and foolish Christians? VERY, VERY, FEW! I have heard Pastor Perry Stone preach along those lines and so I host his videos on my Youtube channel of ‘Kevin O’Connor’.


At times like the present, I feel like I’m a tiny flea trying to wave a HUGE flag (well huge for the flea anyway) trying to warn mankind that a HUGE tornado is coming that is going to wipe them all out and am being totally ignored! How sad that the indifferent Christians as noted in A were only so until AFTER the Bridegroom removed the wise ones that were waiting for Him. Oh, I believe that they (the foolish Christians) will IMMEDIATELY become wise afterwards, but then it will be too late to avoid the GREAT persecution that is to come upon the whole earth. And, while God’s Word is clear that each and every one of us is responsible for ourselves, I believe God is going to be VERY upset with those who are to be speaking His heart rather than their own, for their own selfish reasons!


Our God provides us MANY witnesses to His Truths in His Word. He does so in Matt 25:1-13 and in Revelations chapters 2 & 3 (Mat_18:16 But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.) to warn those that confess Jesus as Lord to prepare themselves for the Great Wedding Feast of His Son! The Heavenly Father is determined that NONE will enter into His Son’s Wedding Feast that have NOT prepared themselves to do so. And, that preparation begins in the heart which is THEN displayed outwardly by a life of trust and obedience. Let those with ears to hear, hear; Luk_8:8  And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bare fruit an hundredfold. And when he had said these things, he cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Heavenly Father, may our hearts hear Yours and how important it is for us to listen and to obey so that we too may be invited to The Great Wedding Feast of Your Son! For it’s in the Name of Your Son our King Jesus we pray, Amen.


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