Ron Wyatt

Ron Wyatt Amazing Discoveries Full  (1 hr and 20 min)


Ron Wyatt, The Ark of the Covenant discovery footage. (condensed version)  (1 hr and 02 min)


Ron Wyatt, Ark of the Covenant, New Zealand. October 1998  (1 hr and 35 min)


How did Ron Wyatt find the Ark of the Covenant? Full Story.  (50 min and 36 sec)


Exodus to the Red Sea- the Discoveries of Ron Wyatt (9 min and 57 sec)


Noah's Ark- Ron Wyatt's Story (20 min and 47 sec)


Ron Wyatt - Sodom and Gomorrah (27 min and 43 sec)


Joseph in Egypt- The Research and Discoveries of Ron Wyatt (7 min and 18 sec)


The Wyatt Family Website




Noah’s Ark


Ron Wyatt’s Discovery of Sodom, Gomorrah, and the Cities of the Plain


The Route of the Exodus Journeys


Mt. Sinai


The Pyramids of Sakkara


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