The Holy Spirit makes testimonies in us all.


We are gathered for the coming of the Lord.

Hear the rush of the wind. Know He is quickly approaching.

As others contemplate the snares laid in this world, that speak of fortunes untold that

lead to sorrow and unfulfillmentÖ We are called to the straight and narrow Way of the

Lord Jesus.

We witness to each other the truth, and speak of the Glory and Redemption.

Praise the Lord, Who made this beautiful plan of salvation, and spoke the end from

the very beginning, of all that is and is to come.

The Lordís destination for us?

The house of many rooms and mansions, but no tears and no pain.

The shore where we meet holds water pure as crystal, and quenches the thirst of the

soul forever.

Eternity starts any moment.

Draw close, all who are covered by the blood of the only worthy and blessed Lamb of



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