God speaks and His creation answers.

The birds rejoice at the break of dawn in ever-joyful harmony as the sky fills with

beams of glory.

Praise the Lord!

The faithful see and hear.

Draw close to the Lord, all you who know Him.

Contemplate His ways and seek His face always.

Wisdom will come from the reading of His Word; And, revelation will come in an ever-

timely way.

Trust in Him and He will restore you.

Though the enemy takes aim and seeks to destroy, their arrows come back to

themselves in vain; For we walk a path they cannot see or enter.

In front of us, we see the door He has set open for all whom He has appointed and

chosen, and when shut, no one can open.

Praise Jesus! He is the Living, Breathing, Word of God Almighty.

Forever and Ever, He is Worthy of Praise.


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