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The Lord is in my ever-waking thoughts.

He guides my eyes to seek His Glory,

And my mind to seeking His Ways and His Will for my Life.

My flesh struggles against the fascinations of this world, and as doubts

creep in, He is ever-faithful to His promises. He makes my escape be known to me as I feel the comfort of His Hoy angels

ministering to my very soul as I feel the brush of their mighty wings.

He restores me in that place and makes me to walk on Higher Ground.

Like a sheep on the stony steep, He leads me back through the thorns to the grassy meadow and the beautiful path the

Shepherd has laid out for me.

Inside His will I find peace not possible under any other Name.

My heart longs for the living water that He pours out freely to those who love Him.

His countenance is Majestic and breaks forth in my life like the wake of the dawn after a stormy night.

He breaks every chain of oppression consistently increasing my faith as I see opposition rendered helpless in His Glory.

His face is made to shine in the shamayim as the sun and the moon become mere jewels in His crown.

Forever He is arrayed in Beauty and cloaked in Power.

His wisdom is beyond my comprehension but in due season, He imparts jewels to His Saints.

Blessed is the man who waits on the Lord, for His love is ever-constant as the waves of the sea. They flow over my senses

and speak of the Glory to Come.

Praise the Lord, all those who know of His saving Grace.

Be glad all you Saints, as the joy of our salvation yet awaits the completion of His Appearing which leads to Eternal


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