Praise the Lord God Almighty,

Creator of All.

His hands formed the heavens and the earth.

His breath gives life to all creation.

Praise Him, all His people.

He appoints our days and guides our steps.

He is All in All.

Make each day a day of thanksgiving, for Our Lord is merciful and just.

His promises are true and faithful.

His plan for us is foretold from the beginning.

Though others walk a mournful path, full of despair, we seek His face, and there find peace, untold

Joy and Blessed Assurance.

Under the helmet of His salvation, we walk the path of righteousness.

Under the cover of His wings and the power of His shed blood, we understand the meaning of His


Praise Jesus!

He chose us out of this world.

He calls us to pray.

He call us to minister His word to a dark and dying world.

He told us to watch for His return.

Behold, our time has come.

Bride, behold your Bridegroom.

The sky is filled with angel wings and shouts of praise to the Most High God.

Jesus, the Glory of God!

Forever, Praise Him.


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