He stands at the door and knocks.

Who will answer unto the Lord?

The days rush by as promised in the scripture.

Man lives for a moment, then the moment is gone

What of Eternity?

The call comes again with more urgency.

Who will answer unto the Lord?

Year have passed by, and the glory of youth passes by like the close

of summer. The blooms of spring long gone, and the days get shorter

in so many ways.

The heart contemplates the memories gathered, both of joyful days

and sad days, but nevertheless past and spent.

Heís knocking now.

Who will answer the call of the Lord before the last rays disappear

beyond the horizon, and the colder air of winter steps in to remind us

that not only the days, but, time itself is short.

As the reckoning winds set in, the last and final knock is heard, as

others hear the sound of the trumpet blowing loudly across the sky.


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