Here is a poem I wrote as a message to Jesus, never numbered itÖit is entitled

Poem to Jesus from a Visit to the Lake


Itís a warm night on the water. The crickets and the bull frogs join in their usual

Evening song as the barn owl and the night lark chime in perfect orchestration from

The tree line closer to shore.

Itís a peaceful night on the water. Iím docked in my favorite cove, nestled inside the

cusp of a no-wake zone with only an occasional wave. They gently rock the boat to

sleep from larger and faster boats that follow the high traffic routes of the lake.

I glance off starboard just in time to see a catfish jump up an dquickly descend back

Into the water. But, Iíve been catching blue gill all day.

As a sliver of the new moon rises in the sky, I notice the fire flies engaged in their

Nightly ascension. Higher and higher they climb. They are lighting up the tops of the

trees of the shore line now. You can tell itís getting closer to midnight as they rise

higher and higher. Displaying their crescendo of light. Their choreography sparkling

like diamonds as they, along with the stars, reflect off the surface of the wateró

This night is sublimeóserene. I lift my eyes to heaven once more before deciding to

close them for the night. And, I think from my spirit as I go into prayer with Jesus, this

would be a most particularly beautiful night for Your Appearing.


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