A girl waits in line to receive baptism. She sees those who come before her with

Anticipation of her turn for public profession, and spiritual rebirth.


She notices those who come up out of the water. She sees smiles of knowing as the

life-changing event takes place in the lives of those who are now her forever family.

The smiles, the beauty and the tears mingled with the water that wipes the veil of the

eyes that once was present.

Itís her turn. As she looks for her family and friends in the crowd, she makes her last

step into the water. The only thought present at this moment is that of her Redeemer;

His life, death on a cross, and resurrection. Jesus tasted death and conquered that foe

for us all.

She closes her eyes and holds her breath as she is plunged into the water.

Making her way to the surface, she sees the lights of the sanctuary. She is a witness

Now for the true Light of the World, and, born again. To God be all the Glory! In His

Kingdom, this soul has found her way home beneath the crimson flood.


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