The wedding date draws near.


The bride readies herself in an upper room, attended by a divine presence.

Her beauty radiates through the room, giving testimony to the Holy Spirit Who dwells


She’s dreamed of this day for many days as she’s always contemplated the promise

The groom had given her.

With her faith unwavering. There’s only time for one last glance in the mirror.

Her gown without spot or wrinkle, she smiles, while standing again on His promise of

Preparing a place they will share forever.

She ponders eternity with her first and greatest love.

Her heart skips a beat as she hears the royal music begin. Trumpets, in her favorite


As she rushes to her appointed place in time, the smell of fresh flowers and fine linen

fills the corridor along with the excitement of the crowd.

The guests are all in attendance.

As she approaches the aisle of destiny laid out for her from the creation of the world,

She feels her spirit rise on angels’ wings as He makes His Glorious Appearing!


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