A rush of wind entered the Upper Room. The Spirit fell on those gathered in His



The Comforter arrived.

With all Power and Authority, the Church was conceived.

Tongues were spoken in the morning, and by that evening, the Church was over 3,000


The Word has been Spoken to the four corners.

From the start of the Church, the Body of Christ has awaited This time.

The end for some is the beginning for us.

Those who sleep in Christ are now awakening to their Saviorís voice.

The moment of birth has come.

PUSH towards freedom.

In Jesus, we PUSH toward the finish line.

PUSH off from this earth.

Breathe your first breath of eternity.

Jesus has gathered His bride for the wedding.

His Kingdom Has Come.

HIS Will Has been Done.

The ceremony of True Life has Begun.


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