Kevin O’Connor’s Memories and Recollections

Of His life in Christ

Please note: I’ve been impressed to begin this in July of 2003. I will go ahead and display this via my home page but please keep in mind that this is a growing journal with much information. I hope to add something at least weekly until I feel it’s complete or at least up to the present day and time. Thank you

The purpose of this documentation is to provide a history of my memories of what God has done in my life to pass down to all those who want to know and especially for those of my immediate family.

My testimony as to when I first came into revelation as to Who God is and what He did for me is found at; . I’d have to say that my first remembrance of when God revealed that He was very real and present with me was when I was as at a track meet with the school I was attending in Klamath Falls, Ore. I was about 11 years old and the following is what happened. I was watching a race being run and a boy name Dale Baker was running around the last turn in the track for the finish line. As I watched Dale, it was evident he was out of steam and falling back and had no hopes of winning at which point I breathed the following prayer “Lord, please help Dale” That’s it and all of a sudden this young man who one second earlier by all appearances was losing steam, all of a sudden got this tremendous surge of speed that took him flying past the guy that must have been about 10 yards ahead of him! The following is what then transpired, I walked up to Dale and said “What Happened?!” The next words he said left their mark in my heart and prepared my life for a walk of faith. He said “ I don’t know what made me go!” I did. And so, God began to produce physical revelations of His existence to me not to prove Himself, but to express Himself. For it was not the miraculous that made me believe in Him, but His Living Word that He spoke into my heart as I listened to my Mom share Christ with me. And, when I prayed “Lord, please help Dale” it wasn’t “Lord, please help Dale that I may believe”. God had already placed faith within my heart and it pleased Him to answer that simple prayer of faith. As I grew into a young teenager, I grew hungrier and hungrier to know Him better and better. So within my teenage years while others were dating, I was going to Basic Youth Conflicts (seminar into applying the principles of God’s Word within our daily lives) and memorizing a chapter of the bible each week. God made me a very intense individual so I found myself devoting much effort to get closer to Him but the harder I tried, the drier I felt spiritually which just made me search all the harder. I found myself struggling to produce the Fruits of the Holy Spirit ; Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, (Whole Chapter: Galatians 5 In context: Galatians 5:21-23) but felt like I was trying to perform instead of be for Christ. Then the Lord caused my paths to cross those within high school that had the Fruits of the Holy Spirit flowing from their lives, which immediately got my attention. This then made me want to attend fellowship with them at a place called “Doc (Gene) Davis’s house in Tigard Oregon about 1973-1974. While worshipping with them, I noticed that the Fruits of the Holy Spirit flowed like free flowing waters amidst them. Not only were the fruits evidenced, but also the gifts such as tongues and words of knowledge. This was something I was never taught and yet my spirit bore witness with what was happening due to Christ’s own words where He states; Matthew 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. (Whole Chapter: Matthew 7 In context: Matthew 7:19-21) So, it wasn’t the miraculous that had caught my attention, but the fruits of the Holy Spirit that are mentioned above in Galations 5:22. Thus, even though I was never taught that the miraculous gifts were from Christ for His church, I knew that it had to be true because the Fruits were being lived from those who had them. During this period of my life I was living at home at about age 15 with a step dad who was an alcoholic and 20 years older than my Mom. In other words, there wasn’t much of a father son relationship. But, God was in the process of trying to produce Life where there was death. He had been convicting me to pray for Bill (my step-dad) and pray for our relationship.  The Lord broke down those massive barriers between us in just one evening and the following is how He did it; I had been driving with my driver’s license for about 3 or 4 months (age 16) when I had asked to spend the night with a friend. My Mom gave the ok with the condition that I wouldn’t drive anywhere while there. I said o.k. and so began my time with my friend. While spending the night with him, I drove my friend and myself to a local shopping mall and after a while we returned back to his house. While back at my own home the next evening at the dinner table I accidentally mentioned something about where my friend and I had been at which point my Mom asked me point blank “did you drive anywhere?” Then I really blew it because my Mom and I were very close and ended up telling her a bold face lie that I hadn’t driven anywhere while there. Boy!, was I convicted. I then proceeded after dinner to take a bath at which point while in the tub said to myself “no problem, I’ll just asked the Lord to forgive me” at which point I had this huge impression on my heart that was not going to suffice it with God but that I had to asked forgiveness from my Mom as well. After wrestling with the Lord on this for a little while and having the urgency to comply grow ever stronger, I realized that I needed to obey and immediately. While proceeding into the kitchen to tell Mom that I needed to talk to her in private, I had walked right in front of my step Dad, Bill, who was in his usual place in his chair with his newspaper. This unseen wall between us (Bill & I) had always been there but the fact that I had walked up to Mom and asked to talk to her alone seemed to flaunt it in Bill’s face. So, while I was in my room with Mom confessing my sin to her and asking her to forgive me, Bill threw open the door and yelled “why can’t we be a family for once!? Why is it that we can’t be a family!? And then He slammed the door to return to his chair and newspaper and left me there going wow! All I was trying to do was undo my mistake and next thing I knew had created this big mess. So I rushed after Bill and said “let’s begin being a family right now, please let me tell you what I was telling Mom” at which point he followed me into my bedroom still fuming from his tremendous anger. After I had set him on my bed I began to tell him what I had done and why I felt like I needed to communicate with Mom privately and then told him that I was sorry and had not meant to create such a mess and said that I too wanted to be a family at which point he said “you’re a wonderful son” and I then returned with “well you’re a great Dad”. So, this huge, ugly barrier that had been between us had been ripped down in one short hour just because I listened to the Lord to confess my sin to my Mom! God is AWESOME! Now to share how the Lord filled me with His Holy Spirit; although I was now extremely blessed to have found a group from which the Holy Spirit seemed to move freely, I was still trying to bear the fruits of Him. I was memorizing a chapter of God’s Word a week and sharing the Four Spiritual Laws that God had inspired Bill Bright to write down in tract form. During this time in my life God seemed to be yelling at me through His Word to be still and know that He is God; Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." (Whole Chapter: Psalm 46 In context: Psalm 46:9-11) and other verses He seemed to be speaking loudly within my heart during this time were Isaiah 40 30   Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: 31   But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. And yet, although I knew God was speaking these verses within my heart I tried all the harder to wait and find the refreshing He was speaking that He wanted to give me. What a mess I found myself in during this time of my life of about age 16. It was during this time of my life that I had drawn a picture of my feelings of where I was. I had drawn a picture of an ant lion (satan) and myself (the ant) trapped within his funnel and God with His hand waiting above me to be still so that He could draw me out. It was a perfect picture of what I was feeling but I didn’t know how to be still – God had made me a very intense person who put all of himself into what he attempted to do and although I knew I needed to be still, I just didn’t know how.  Then one day while I was saying good bye to a friend who I had over (one I had prayed with to receive Christ through the hearing of the Four Spiritual Laws) whose name was Brian Brown, I said “does it seem like I’m trying to be someone I can’t be?” and his reply  was “yes”, at which point I then replied “I wish we could learn to be more honest with ourselves, with one another and with God.” At which point he then departed and then I proceeded into my bedroom and knelt and prayed “Lord, why?, I have tried so hard to live for you”. Then my Dad was calling from the kitchen to come have dinner with him at which point it was just him and I and I could hardly hold my head up to eat for I had come to the end of my own ability to live for Christ and I knew it and those around me knew it. It was during this time of extreme brokenness and emptiness, that my step Dad Bill mentioned to me “what’s the matter? Religion is suppose to make you happy” I then replied “that’s just what made me the way I am, It’s only Jesus that can make me happy” The next thing I knew an incredible, indescribable Holy Presence of God entered the room right above me and every cell in my body stood on end in indescribable joy and ecstasy as God filled me from the waist up. WOW was that awesome! All I could do was fall on the ground and bawl like a baby in the incredible Presence of God and all Bill said was  “holy roller” and kept eating. What else could he do? I was getting an incredible filling of God’s incredible Presence. Wow, what an experience that left its mark on me! I then shared this incredible happening with my Spirit filled friends who said “Great you received the filling of the Spirit! Did you speak in tongues?” I then said no. At which point they mentioned that the gift was for me to receive if I would ask at which point I then said show me in the Word where it’s for me. Needless to say that there are numerous mentions of the gift of tongues from Acts throughout the epistles and so I said sure I’d like to receive it. They then prayed for me to receive it and I then spoke in an unknown tongue without any wonderful experience like I had at my own dinner table but at this point I was acting on faith that it was God’s will for me to receive it so I did. Those who live for the high points of emotion I have found fall hard and fast but those who learn to live by faith and not by their feelings are solid as mighty oak trees for Christ. The next chapter in my life was one in which I had grown to love to pray for my parents and live in honor and respect for them – the next thing I realized was that my Mom and Dad felt like I needed to move out and on my own. I then began to pray and seek the Lord to guide my life through my Mom and Dad after which I then approached them and ask “what do you think I should do with my life?” it was then that they mentioned that they thought that serving within the military would be a good way for me to go. I then prayed some more about three areas of service I thought might be good to enlist with the military to serve in and they were as a cook, a medic, or a Chaplin. I then approached my Mom and Dad again after a season of praying about this and asked their advice. It was (out of all three, we don’t think that you should try to enter in the service as a Chaplin due to you being so young and your needing to go through many struggles others do prior to taking on that responsibility.” I felt that was wisdom from God’s heart and so prayed about being either a medic or a cook for I wanted to serve within the military but not be directly involved with the killing end of the service. So while I was signing up I was asked if I was a conscientious objector and I said “yes” at which point I was told that I could not sign up. On my way home the following is what transpired within my heart; “Lord I thought for sure you were leading me this way?! I was, you prayed and I answered and although you feel like you’re a conscientious objector, I am leading you as I desire. OK Lord, even though I may not understand this “conscientious objector” stuff now, I know that You’re leading me in this direction and so am trusting in Your leading and will return to say that I’m not a conscientious objector. And so on that day sometime in the Summer of 1975 I joined the US Air Force and on the day I was being sworn in on active duty they acquired a guaranteed job for me as a cook. I then flew off to go into boot camp at Lackland AFB on Oct 6, 1975 ( I was 18 yrs old). I was actually held back in first grade and so was suppose to graduate in about June of 1976 but seeing that I had only two credits needed to graduate, took college courses at Northwest Portland Community college during the Summer of 1975 so that I could join the military and get on with God’s will for my life. So my high school diploma was mailed to me and my life was off to serve within the US military. Boot camp was quite an experience! I went all dressed up with about two suit cases filled with bibles and tracts and so one of the first things they had us do upon our arrival there was to perform open luggage inspections (probably because the Drill Sergeants feared that someone may try to hurt them with something within their luggage). So while I stood at the head of my bed Sergeant Koon came around to view all of the bibles and tracts of my suitcases laid out on the top of my bed said “ Oh, have we got a minister here with us?” And I reported with a good strong report “yes sir!” for I felt then and still feel that every Christian is a minister for Christ. His response was something like “oh, ok” I found boot camp to be quite a game and was very glad to be done with it and move on to my technical schooling of cooking which was in Denver Colorado. It was at this technical schooling I had my first opportunity to drink at an NCO (Non Commissioned Officer’s) club and while there, actually drink about a teaspoon to a tablespoon of beer. I hated the taste of it and wondered why people would even drink it. That evening after returning to the barracks, I threw up at which point I said to myself, “although I don’t feel convicted about drinking in moderation, I hate the taste of alcohol and my body hates it so I won’t” and that was it for my drinking career. I then was asked about where I wanted to perform my permanent tour of duty. My first choice was in Little Rock AFB at the MAC (Military Airlift Command) there due to my Grand mom Setser living near there and thus providing me an opportunity to see her. God Blessed me with my first choice which was a real blessing for I truly enjoyed the opportunities that God provided me to see my Grand mom prior to His promoting her to Glory with Him. It was during this time in my life while although I had planned on remaining single to serve Christ, I found out that I was neither called nor enabled to remain happily single.  So, when the years of lust that I had fortunately avoided up to my 19 years on earth finally came knocking hard on my door, I began to wrestle hard with it before finally submitting to the fact that I needed to be married. So, I began praying that God would prepare me for the wife He had chosen for me. It was then that God allowed me to get sent on a TDY (Temporary Duty Assignment”) to Eglin AFB. And when half of us got chosen to sleep and live in tents during our stay there, I was chosen with the group that got to live in a hotel on the beach there in Florida and work 4 days and get off 3. I happened to be stationed in a room with a tech sergeant who had lots of nude women magazines, which I found myself lusting over. When I finally got a handle on the fact that I was just fueling a fire that was going nowhere but to destruction and was able to say no to lusting over them anymore, God then had me reassigned to roommate with a MSGT (Master Sergeant) who was having a lady friend come in and sleep with him on the weekends.  One night I had woke up while she was there and couldn’t believe my ears and actually got very angry within my spirit and began praying against the evil spirits that was moving within this lady’s life to do this and pray for her. The next thing I knew (I guess I prayed myself to sleep) it was morning and she was gone never to return. It’s funny how when we say “Lord prepare me for something good” the trials we’re sent through to prepare us! While attending a Church of God there on the outskirts of Little Rock Arkansas, I became very drawn to a young lady named Johna. What impressed me about her was her gift of evangelism. She was awesome in sharing Christ with others and won my heart. She broke the dam of my heart through just kissing (many years of keeping myself to myself) and thus married her as a virgin myself although she had married before but that marriage had ended when she had come to Christ and her previous husband did not want anything to do with Christ. She was six years my senior and I had married her on Nov 28, 1976 (19 yrs old going on 20 in April 1977). She tended to be the leader due to being older as well as more mature than myself. We had our quarrels, which I would usually give in. But when the Lord ended up blessing me with me good jobs and much better income, it seemed that He was in the process of trying to grow our relationship into more maturity within Him, one in which I was the head of the home and not the follower or the one always doing the submitting. . I don’t feel that the Lord would have me go into specifics about what and how He was trying to mature our walk with Him and how the marriage died through the work of God trying to bring maturity within the marriage, but it did. Every day we’re given opportunities to either grow or digress within our lives in Christ. Brother Bill Gothard once said we’re either missionaries for Christ or mission fields for satan. And, just as God’s Word says in Matthew 24 11and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. Please note here verse 12. This verse of course is talking about our Love for God, but what happens when we allow our Love for God to grow cold? We also loose concern with living His Word when it comes to walking in obedience with those we’ve committed our married lives to. There was actually love there at one time but, that love instead of growing hotter, grew cold. Each one of us has a choice as to how we are going to react to the trials of life. Judas had a choice to allow his love to grow stronger or weaker; satan had a choice to allow his love to grow stronger or weaker and each one of us today have the same choice. Unfortunately, as verse 12 states, “most will allow their love to grow cold”. Is it any wonder then why there are so many divorces? God’s Word is true. But, just because it is true is no excuse for us to sin and allow our love to grow cold but to be among the few where it continues to grow hotter and hotter until He receives us home. Suffice it to say there came a point in our marriage that she did not care to have me as her husband and I have learned what it feels like to hurt so bad that you wish your physical existence here was terminated due to the tremendous amount of heart ache. During this marriage with her from age 19 through 28, I saw God perform many supernatural miracles within my own life. And, even though that marriage ended in death, my love for Christ has continued to grow and even up to the point of my wife leaving me, I felt I would have laid my life down for her if there was such a need. I’ve seen God provide a miracle of healing within my left foot. When I was about 23 or 24 yrs of age and working for my first wife’s Dad in an apartment complex, I snapped a bone in my left foot while playing basketball. The doctor described the break as being a difficult one to heal due to the nature of the break, one that was at a clean 90 degree angle and being the outer most bone within the side of my left foot. He seemed to be familiar with this kind of break from having treated basketball players, which was exactly how I had broken it as well. Anyway, he put it within a cast for about 4 to 6 weeks and afterwards put me in a walking cast. It was noticed that as soon as I started walking that I could feel the bone shift within my foot as I walked and when I returned to the doctor who then x rayed it, then put me into another cast to be off it for another 4 to 6 weeks and then back into another walking cast after which I again felt it shifting as I walked. This time when returning to the doctor and having another set of x rays performed, he concluded that I needed to have a bone graft and screws inserted to enable this bone to heal properly. This was concluded like on a Wednesday and the doctor scheduled surgery for the Friday of the following week (9 days away). Then, on the Friday of the same week that the doctor concluded that the bone was not healing, we had our regular time of fellowship with some youth there at the apartment complex we we’re living in. This was a time set aside just to gather together with friends in Christ and not just for the purpose of following a routine or habit. It was during this time of fellowship that an awesome Spirit of prayer filled our apartment and we were all bathed within a Glorious Spirit of worship and prayer. We were praying for all sorts of things and people and then prayed for each other as well. Prayer for my healing was also lifted up and I didn’t feel anything but continued to stay off of my foot. Then on Sunday morning, I had also asked for prayer for the healing of my left foot. For you see, while I had many surgeries in the past and thought nothing of having another one, I never had a bone graft and screw placed in before so about a day after the doctor had scheduled the surgery for me, I had called the clinic and talked to a nurse about the procedure and what was involved. She explained to me that the procedure was quite painful and that I could expect to be off of my foot another 6 weeks and that it may be awhile after that before I could walk normally without a cast. Something happened to me when I heard this report, for at about age 24 I had seen many afflictions and times in a hospital but something just didn’t jive within my spirit when she told me how much longer I’d be unable to walk because I was the sole supporter for the home. Something within my spirit rose up and said that was not the will of God for me. This then led to these two different times of prayer for my foot following the doctor’s scheduling surgery for my foot. Then on the Friday of being admitted into the hospital for surgery (just 9 days after he had x rayed and confirmed that the bone was still not healing thus needing a bone graft and screw) he had a pre-op x ray performed. While I waited in an office for the results I had mentioned to him “I don’t know if you believe in prayer or not, but I have had a chance to pray for this foot”. His response was like “humph” ( oh, one of these) and then left to check on the x rays.  After waiting about 15 minutes he returned and his exact words were “o.k., you can go home and put your shoes on, I don’t need to see you any more.” His heart seemed to be so hardened within the world of what he could see and hear and understand he didn’t know how to respond other than to say that I wasn’t in any more need whatsoever of physical care for that left foot. Wow, what a joy to hear and to experience God’s miraculous work of healing in my body of clay! This next cool miracle is one of provision. We were at a place at about age 23 for myself that we needed to move. The distance from Little Rock all the way to the Base was just too much and financially we concluded we had to move closer to the base. We found a great place near the base and so had given our notice to the managers of the apartment complex we were living in. The place near the base though was a mobile home and my wife lived in fear of the storms that frequented Arkansas. On the Saturday before the following day that we were to be vacated from our apartment, while we were packing up the remaining items, the wife’s fears seemed to come to a head. She was so consumed with fear that I felt led to stop and just pray the following with her “Lord you are not the author of confusion, all evidences point us to the fact that we are to move but this stress and strife we’re going through is not of You, will You guide and direct us? In Jesus Name, Amen” So, here we were one day from having to be out and the wife just so consumed with fear I didn’t feel God’s peace in making her live somewhere that caused her such fear. So with 24 hours left in the apartment we prayed this prayer. Now wait till you hear what the Lord did on Sunday morning following that evening. After service that morning the pastor mentioned that he needed to talk with the men following the service. While we sat, the pastor began to explain that the old parsonage ( a new one was built for the pastor and family)  was empty and that he thought about allowing someone from the congregation to live there and maintain the grounds and clean the church but wanted the input from the men. I could hardly believe my ears! I then mentioned what had transpired the day before between the wife & I and the prayer that was prayed. After hearing this, the men agreed that God had already answered and thus only about 12 hours earlier when the wife and I had no idea where we’d end up, ended up living in a house next to the church 15 miles closer to work and only 10 miles from the base rent free! Oh, what an awesome God!!! The next testimony is one in which I lived in Piggot Arkansas, that’s right – Piggot! For those wanting to know, it’s located in the northeastern corner of Arkansas. There are many testimonies of God’s Glorious Grace and Blessings but to name them all would take volumes. This one was really neat because I had borrowed someone’s garden tools to do some work and brush cutting and lived out of town about 7 miles. The only road into town was posted at 55 MPH and had dips and turns. Anyway, I had used these borrowed tools this day and without thinking, had laid them on top of the car. That evening in the dark I had to run into town and being at about age 27 didn’t drive like I was 97. When I left the driveway to go to town, I thought that I heard something as I entered onto the main road but thought that it might have been an animal or something (I had totally forgotten about those items on the car). When I had gotten home and stepped out of the car and turned to look at the car as I shut the door, I happen to notice some brush cutting tools that were sitting right on top of the car where I had left them! You talk about miracle! If only you knew how I driveJ Anyway after realizing God’s Wonderful Gracious Hand again, I wondered now what was that sound I had heard as I drove out of the driveway earlier. So I walked over and looked into the ditch and there was a broom that had flown off due to the momentum I was going into the turn onto the main road. I think what really blows me away with this miracle is how God never sleeps and even cares about the small details in our lives. He is so very Caring and Loving in all His Ways! And another cool testimony is how God had provided a job for me miraculously. When working for Missouri Research Labs in Piggot Arkansas as their electronic technician, Quality Control manager, and ATE (Automated Test Equipment) programmer, and finally realizing how much they were taking advantage of my services and paying me very minimally, realized that God was moving me on. So, I began to pray and ask God to direct where He wanted me to go. I then submitted many resumes of which I was quite impressed with the many things God had done in and through me and thought that I would get many leads as to furthering my employment. Funny thing was I hardly got any responses with exception of one from some rocket testing facility I believe was from San Luis Obispo in California with Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL). Their response was quite positive about being anxious to explore placement opportunities for me if I was there locally. So, that to me was another light beam being opened up before me as to the direction to go and that was to California all the way from Arkansas. I had respectfully given my two-week notice to my boss there at MRL seeing that they were anxious to get going with a new person that I had trained. I had thought that this two week’s notice would give me a little more time to sell my house and leave for California but little did I know that the Friday I would give them the notice that they would tell me it was my last day. Little did I know that as long as I withheld a letter giving them two weeks notice, they couldn’t have done that, but so much for trying to be helpful. But that was o.k. because God didn’t need their lack of courtesy to take care of me. God enabled me in one day to sell the house and to be free and clear of it’s debt and then leave the following day for California. I had sent the wife (x now) on ahead to stay with her Mom and Dad there in Lancaster, CA. (This next addition was added Aug.31,2003) Although I had originally planned on proceeding onto Lompoc CA to Vandenberg AFB due to the positive feedback I had received back from them concerning my resume, we had decided to stop for the holiday season there at my former wife’s parent’s place in Lancaster, CA. This was due to the time of the year of my arrival there in California being about November of 1975. Although it was the holiday season and we had decided to stop over in her parent’s area, I still needed employment and proceeded to all of the major aeronautical industries there in Lancaster but each place I went to told me that due to the holiday season they weren’t hiring. Then someone had mentioned putting in a resume there at Edwards AFB, CA. At that time Lancaster was quite large with many thousands of people and here I was but a single person trying to follow the leading of the Lord into a whole new place with no job in hand. So, even though I felt like it was a pretty slim chance, I proceeded out to the base to leave my resume with an application for employment. As I proceeded to the personnel department to apply, I noticed that they had a bulletin board announcing any and all available job openings. I could hardly believe my eyes to what I read thereon for you see I had about 3 years earlier completed an Associate of science degree with my major in Electromechanical Technology and then working within that capacity at Missouri Research Labs up to that date. The opening that I found myself staring at was “Opening – Electromechanical Technician” Wow! Was I blown away? Coming about 1,500 miles on nothing but one little ray of light that God seemed to be showing me that He wanted me in California. So, this was around the middle of November of 1985 and then by about Feb of 1986 the government was asking me to come to work for them as a civil servant! Wow! God is Good! I had found in the interim a job as a group parent, which God used to supply my physical needs up to the point of being hired by the government. I then worked on aircraft being F4s and F16 fighter aircraft. I had received numerous awards for the work that God was enabling me to do over the next two years. Then in April of 1987 my wife of almost 10 years decided she had enough of me and began divorce proceedings. I then experienced some of the most heart wrenching pain I felt any person could go through. Boy!, it hurt extremely bad. I almost daily hoped oncoming vehicles would swerve and put me out of my extreme pain and sorrow. I think what added to the amount of pain I was experiencing was the fact that I loved the first woman I gave my life to and would have laid my life down for if called to do so. I was faithful to her and to the Lord and yet here I now was in extreme pain and sorrow. It seemed to magnify the pain I was going through because I had tried with all of my heart to be a good husband and a good follower of Christ. The many details of the events of April 1987 until January of 1988 can be shared with those going through similar pains if you email me. The bottom line is that I fasted and prayed about whether this marriage could be saved and whether she ever would want to make it happen and she refused the efforts to put it back together. This resulted in the marriage being officially ended in about February of 1988 and I was blown away with how God had wondrously and miraculously brought Janis DePiazza in to my life who herself was on the rocks of pain and suffering with her husband of about 10 years choosing prostitutes and cocaine to his wife and three children. We were wed on November 28 of 1988. I never thought I could ever love again and here I was now on top of mountains of Joy and Happiness. Wow!, God is Good! This coming November we’ll have been blessed with 15 years together in this world of troubles and sorrows. I’m so very grateful for such a precious Friend and Companion. It was during this time of sorrow and suffering for me from April of 1987 to January of 1988 that the Lord revealed into my heart the importance of taking my eyes off of the gaping hole in my heart and delighting myself in Him. His Word, which He was engrafting into my spirit during this time, is Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Whole Chapter: Psalm 37 In context: Psalm 37:3-5)”. My heart, which had known the joys and delights of family, was missing them terribly. But focusing on the fact that they were now gone just produced more pain and so I by the Spirit of God decided to abandon myself upon His Word and do just what His Word said. What was really neat during this same time of my suffering was that the Lord had impressed upon the pastor of the Assembly of God there in Lancaster, CA to begin an early Morning Prayer time. I’ve had intermittent powerful touches by God in the passed during times of seeking Him. This time proved no different. Sometimes I wonder why and how God does such tremendous touches within my spirit during these times of seeking Him and all I can say is that I seem to get so into what I do (even prayer) that it has moved the heart of God to touch mine. So, one moment I may be praying for the people overseas to know Christ with all the intensity He has placed within me and the next moment is like God Himself just entered the room and every cell in my body is quaking in His Almighty Infinitely Holy Presence. Also during this time as I began to loose myself in Loving and Delighting myself in Him there was a tremendous joy and peace that now God could move on my behalf and I knew that He would. The next thing I knew God had caused my path to cross those of Janis DePiazza now my wife of almost 15 years. God Will, not may, honor His Word. God is True to Himself or will cease to be God. So when we learn to abandon ourselves to the obedience of His Word, HE WILL produce the rewards of obedience to it within our lives. This is one Truth He has made very real to me within my walk on this planet of dust and decay. After my marriage to Janis, our finances were very tight. Her x, which had given himself to the desires of the flesh, was very unfaithful with his child support. While I on the other hand was very faithful to pay $750 monthly in child support for a couple of boys being 12 and 10 years old that my x and I had adopted one year before she had left me. We had it tough but we had God and each other, which carried us through these very financially tough times. God then miraculously blessed me with a job within the FAA in about September of 1988. I was experiencing many sinus infections living there in Southern California and my heart wanted to move back up to someplace like Oregon to a land full of beauty and green away from the smog and pollution of California. I had entertained the thought while working as a civil servant within the D.O.D. in the Special Instrumentations Branch there at Edwards AFB, to try for a job with the FAA and then try transferring to someplace like Oregon. It seemed like a good plan but after they promoted me there due to God’s Blessings within my life and my work, following after those thoughts went by the wayside. That is until we had hired on this new person and one day while on the back of an F16 fighter aircraft he happened to mention to me that he wanted to try to get a job with the FAA and then transfer to someplace like Oregon. I then said OK Lord, I get the point, I will go to the FAA here on Edwards AFB and put in an application. I then proceeded to the RAPCON there at Edwards AFB and put in an application with the manager there at the time named William Alcala. When putting in my application with him his words were “there are no openings and no sight of any openings in the near future”. That was o.k. with me because God had made it clear I was to apply. This was in about March of 1988 and then while in Oregon on vacation seeing my parents in about June of 1988 I got a call that the FAA wanted me to come to work for them! God is GOOD! I then became a full time employee with the FAA in September of 1988 and then began my many months of training for them. I was hired within the automation section of the Airways Facilities and was quite blessed with doing well with all of the training that was laid out before me. While I was completing my first year of training for the FAA and was in Oklahoma City at the aeronautical training center, I had submitted some applications for a job transfer to Kodiak Island Alaska. They seemed quite anxious to bring me on board and had done an interview with me via phone while in OKC. I was all excited about going to the gorgeous state of Alaska that I had only dreamed about going to. While there in OKC in training I happened to call and talked with one of my fellow employees back at Edwards and they happened to mention that management wasn’t going to let me go after having trained me. I then called and talked with my acting boss who confirmed what I had heard, they had invested a lot in me and weren’t going to let me go. This really quite bummed me out so went to God and said “Lord, I’m only here because you brought me and I was really getting excited about going to Alaska but if you don’t want me to go so be it, Thank you!” When I returned home from training and back to work there at Edwards AFB in about November of 1989, the workers there asked me if I had seen the boss and I said no. They said you might want to talk with him. When he arrived he mentioned to me that the FAA was in a critical time financially with the president not signing the new budget and they could stop me from going to anyplace within the FAA except one place – Alaska! Alaska was hurting for people and with the financial situation the way it was, Alaska had priority for any person that they so desired to bring on board. Wow! God is GOOD! So, By God’s Good Grace I was now leaving for Alaska in about December of 1989. What a wonderful feeling to leave California! I kind of thought I had an idea of how the Israelites felt when they left the land of Egypt as I drove out of California with Alaska ahead of me. It was awesome! I arrived in Kenai Alaska about February of 1990 where they trained me on some of the equipment that I would maintain there in Kodiak. I was hired from an automation section of the FAA there at Edwards into a Navigation/Communications section there in Alaska. So I had to go back through a whole lot more training for my new job. After arriving in my new location there at Kodiak Island, I was the one-man support of 90 percent of all of the navigation and communication equipment in and around Kodiak Island. I realized that I had entered into an incredible job of responsibility and workload. After struggling there for about 2 to 3 years by myself I learned that the site there used to have three technicians maintaining all of the equipment but then management tried to get by with only one. The person who worked in Kodiak before me was allowed to leave Kodiak only because of a family hardship. I learned that he also was consumed with the workload there. I ended up working myself into an ulcer due to the tremendous amount of stress that I had allowed myself to be consumed with because of the workload there. They finally hired a new employee to try and provide some help there in Kodiak from about 1992 to 1993 and then transferred him to Kenai Alaska once he was trained. At least it gave me about one years worth of relief. After about 4 years of this I had decided I had enough and began bidding on new jobs and even got desperate enough to try and use my return rights to California. That was pretty desperate! Fortunately, the Lord had me hired and promoted within a new job in Fairbanks Alaska as a relief technician for the FAA. But, before I go on, let me share another miraculous testimony with you that happened in Kodiak, Alaska. One day my wife had called me at work and was overcome with grief and care over the loss of an envelope filled with borrowed pictures from my precious Grandmother Setser who has now gone on to her reward. I returned home and the Lord seemed to fill me with and extreme amount of peace and assurance that all would be ok and then I asked her to relay to me all the places she had been to that day. There was about 10 inches of fresh snow on the ground and she had been at several places in town. One of the first places she had stopped was the junior high school where our son Joe was attending. We then proceeded there and found many vehicle tracks all over the parking lot within deep snow and many vehicles still there. She had been there about 2 hours earlier but I had asked her where she remembered being parked. After she told me the general location we began looking within the deep snow ruts that were there in that area and the Lord happened to show me a white envelope that was lying at the bottom of one of the ruts and sure enough it was the pictures as dry as could be without any damage at all! God is GOOD! Now back to my new job within Fairbanks Alaska. Wow, what a beautiful state Alaska is! After getting to Fairbanks, I informed them that they could have my return rights to the lower 48 because I never wanted to leave Alaska, and management was gracious enough to accept me as a permanent employee for this great state! While in Fairbanks as a relief tech, my job was to fly all over North Alaska to provide temporary relief to remote sites that for one reason or another needed a technician there on a temporary basis. I began my new job in Fairbanks in August of 1995. While here, we found a wonderful church home at Fairhill community church led by Pastor Dale Shillington. He was a precious shepherd of God’s flock and we loved him immensely. Even though God had touched me during my years of sorrow and suffering many years earlier through the time of prayer and seeking His face, I had wandered away from the time of prayer after my marriage and new life with Jan. Pastor Shillington, whom we grew to love, happened to preach on prayer one Sunday morning in about August of 1996. It was like someone had just blown on some coals within my heart and the flame arose! I knew that God had touched me mightily many years earlier in prayer and that’s exactly what I should be doing now! God had done so much in my life between then and now and that was the least I could do for all of His many blessings in my life. So began my life changing experience of intercessory prayer! For those entertaining the thought of early Morning Prayer let me share some thoughts with you. The flesh loves its comforts! It loves to be fed and loves to be rested. Those who have pushed themselves out of their comfort zones into physical activity knows the joy and benefits that discipline brings. It not only makes you feel good, but look good too. Discipline of the body is not for the faint hearted nor is the discipline of prayer. I have found that the more of yourself you put into what you’re doing, the more joy you get out of doing it. Look at people who loose themselves at sports activities who will get so much into what they’re doing that they paint themselves and yell and holler but they are having an absolute blast – why? Because they’re putting all of themselves into what they are doing. While being a member of a health club here in Fairbanks and working out, I’ve noticed some people would actually exert less effort than walking at a healthy pace and wondered to myself, “why even be here?”. The body wants to eat and rest, so for those who are feeling the urge to pray need to be aware ahead of the challenges that will be facing them. I have found the best way to overcome during the early morning hours is to pray extremely intensely and fervently which tend to give way to praying passionately and joyfully. I have learned the joys of working out physically, which tends to become a necessity, as our metabolisms seem to die. But I’ve found that my body of clay has a hard time keeping up with the intensity of spirit that God has placed within me. So while I may not be faithful within the realms of physical discipline because of this old body just wearing out, may God ever keep me from faltering within the realms of spiritual discipline. 1 Timothy 4:8 For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. (Whole Chapter: 1 Timothy 4 In context: 1 Timothy 4:7-9)Christ by His Mercy has saved us. He knows how to complete the work He has started unto His Glory, Honor, and Praise! Philippians 2:13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. (Whole Chapter: Philippians 2 In context: Philippians 2:12-14) (The following is added as of Sept. 02,2003) Since I’ve answered the Lord’s call to pray and seek His face in a more total and all out intense manner, I’ve been impressed to pen thoughts that has filled my heart. Those thoughts can be found at . The ones near the bottom were Sunday schools lessons taught while a SS teacher for Fairhill Community Church in Fairbanks, AK. The most recent thoughts have been placed at the top. Also some more testimonies as to what God has done since He has called me into prayer are as follows; About 6 or 7 months after I was following the Lord in intercessory prayer our middle child Krissy was pregnant with her third child. About three months into her pregnancy she felt that something was wrong. After going to the doctor it was determined that the baby had died. The doctor then scheduled her for a DNC, which she had performed. Following this loss and the DNC procedure, I began to pray that God would heal her heart from the tremendous loss of her little child. After about a week of praying following the DNC, she said that something wasn’t feeling right, like she was still pregnant so she returned to the doctor. To his amazement, he heard a little heartbeat! She was actually pregnant with fraternal twins and no one knew. Thus, God had miraculously protected our little granddaughter whose name is Bailey and is now six years old! You can view a picture of her on our website when she was about 2.5 yrs old at She is the second one from the left with the little doll in her arms. God is GOOD! The following are some testimonies as to God’s working within my workplace. When I began to follow the Lord into intercessory prayer I chose to pray at about 1:00 a.m. each morning. My reason for doing so was that I wanted to pray at such an hour no one would be near the church due to the tremendous intensity and volume in which I pray, sing, and shout. The FAA had a project of installing a remote environmental monitoring system to be installed at many of their sites throughout Alaska. To accomplish this, the FAA had chosen to send 3 groups of 2 people to install these systems. When I was being selected I had informed the boss of my life style and my early Morning Prayer time due to the fact that the teams chosen would have to sleep in small navigational buildings together. Doing the work was no problem, but preventing my time with Him was and so I voiced my complaints to no avail. Fortunately the fist trip was at an FAA facility about 50 miles past Tok, Alaska and all three groups went together and so there was a vehicle available for me to get away in to pray. Also, the reason we were all together was because this was the first of these systems to be installed and we were all being trained as to its proper installation. I went but made sure that management knew that I felt there might be problems. Fortunately, this trip went well but this didn’t guarantee that the many other sites around the state would go as well. Any way after we installed this system and returned back to the main office in Fairbanks, the boss shared with me that the FAA had decided that what they had wanted to do was going to cost too much money and so had decided to allow only one of the three groups to proceed on with the systems installation and I wasn’t required. I just smiled within my spirit as to how God is so very Good! Also during the years at the main office within Fairbanks, I was trying to bid into an office job there at the SMO (the main office) just because of my interest in the jobs that were there as well as my desire not to travel around the state. (stopped on 09/02/03) (Date modified 09/03/03) It just so happened in about February of 1999 that management approached me about the fact that they were behind the curve in getting the project done the year earlier due to funding and that now I would go around with one other person to all the sites needing this new system upgrade. They were pretty adamant about it so I knew this time funding would not be a reason to abort the project. So, I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going and settled into this realization. The first place we were to install one of these new systems was in Deadhorse Alaska. Upon arriving there on Monday afternoon we began the process of installation, which would probably take about a week. The next morning I arose and returned to the site where we were installing this new system since it was void of people at 1:00 a.m. in the morning and began praying. At about 3:00 a.m. I became quite nauseous and sick. I then noticed a foul smell within the building and found that I had to vacate the building to begin to feel better. Upon further inspection of the building it was found that there had been a creosote spill in the upstairs storage area. While living in Kodiak, AK years earlier, there were many tests done on me because of the frequent sinus headaches I had while there. It was determined then that I had a polyp located within a difficult area in my sinuses to try and remove. Thus, the many high and low pressure systems seen there at Kodiak caused it to swell and caused me great pain. I also noticed that strong odors tended to cause me terrible headaches as well. That then explained why my sinuses were hurting me in this instance especially with the amount that had been spilled and the enclosed building. So, when I presented this to the manager in Fairbanks he told me to return and that he wanted to talk with me.  Upon arriving back the following day I had informed him of my previous medical history and that I had no idea that there would be a creosote spill in Deadhorse but seeing how my sinuses reacted to it, I suggested that I be permanently removed from the project due to the nature of the job. The job entailed installing this new system within engine generator buildings around the state and seeing that engine generators can leak and have strong fumes, I felt to avoid any more waste of government time and money to remove me from it. I also mentioned that I would return to a specialist here in Fairbanks and he then agreed and I was removed. After several months of treatment from a specialist here in Fairbanks and two different cat scans, his conclusion was the same as the doctor’s in Kodiak with one small difference. He concluded that I had chronic sinusitis and that surgery could do more damage than good and that strong odors could also cause it to inflame. While I had already known how much trouble it had been for me to live with, now those in authority also knew. It was about this same time with me no longer being able to fly around the state and install these systems, that Mr. Kevin Karella here at the Fairbanks main office asked if I wouldn’t mind assisting them with some computer work! I could hardly believe my ears for I Loved working on computers and now they want to pay me for it! WOW! Needless to say that was over 4.5 years ago and God has blessed me beyond what I could have ever dreamed! I now co-manage the network for all of North Alaska FAA and fix computers and am having a blast each and every day. God is GOOD! It’s beautiful how the Heavenly Father delights in giving of Himself. But even if He chooses to let me be afflicted with some sort of terrible disease and I die a slow death, my only request is to love Him with each and every breath! He is Good whether He blesses me with health, wealth, or NOT! He is AWESOME!!! The closer I’ve grown near to Him, the more I desire to Love Him not for what He can give/ or do for me but because of Who He Is! The more my passion grows for Him, the more I see that this body is an anchor that holds me to this dusty planet away from the One from which my breath originates. Love is the greatest thing of all time. Love that is True and Pure, not selfish and prideful. Christ is the greatest example of Love of all time and my desire is to Love Him as He has loved me and this entire world.


TO BE CONTINUED (date stopped is Sept 03,2003)

UPDATE: Apr 21, 2016

Wow! A LOT has happened since 2003! But we’ll do our best to reflect all our Lord has done. My wife’s Mom (Mary Lou Costantino) ended up coming to live with us about the year 2000. Jan was excited about this due to hoping to grow her and her Mom’s relationship with each other. Unfortunately though, it turned out that Mary had tons of bitterness stored up in her heart which resulted in us living with a very, very bitter old soul who didn’t know Jesus at all personally. This ended up putting us and especially Jan through great heartache and sorrow. Also, about the year 2000, we were living under a huge debt load due to our past (divorce, remarriage, paying child support, etc…) and our Loving Heavenly Father ended up providing a huge miracle to pay off all our debt which enabled us to buy our first home (this by the way was a huge blessing seeing we were living with such a bitter soul) as follows; Jan had some rich relatives that lived in Florida pass away and ended up adding her to their will. This resulted in us paying off tens of thousands in debt and then qualifying to purchase our first house which we did, a lovely place at 991 Vail View Drive in Fairbanks, Alaska. Up to this point we were moving like once a year and so had moved about 5 times while being in Fairbanks, AK from August of 1995 until the year 2000. And, believe me that was getting quite old (along with me!). So, when our Lord provided this financial miracle, we were extremely grateful! OK, back to Jan’s bitter Mom, Jan ended up having to get on medication due to the extreme sorrow and emotional stress she was put through due to her poor Mom’s bitterness. Near the end of Mary’s existence in this world of clay (end of 2005 I believe) she was quite bad off physically and had one especially bad episode where she was in the hospital and technically should have passed away but Jan had breathed a prayer for her Mom near the beginning of her living with us after realizing that a close relationship with her Mom would never happen due to the amount of bitterness within her Mother’s heart as follows; “Lord even if it’s in the final hour of her (her Mom’s) life, please save her soul.” And, I believe it’s because of this prayer, that while physically she should have passed away, God knew she wasn’t ready since she didn’t know Jesus at all personally. Mary had been a staunch catholic all of her life and all she had known was works of religion which only damns a soul rather than gives life. Anyway she recovered to the point of being able to return home and was placed on hospice care with Jan & I providing for her every need as her body wore down. Then near the end of 2005 she was quite bad and was bed ridden and Jan & I were doing the bedside vigil with her Mom due her digressing more and more physically. Jan ended up doing her time with her Mom the evening of Dec 31st, Saturday to Jan 1st (Sunday morning). It was during this time, Jan & I were doing a food ministry for Friends Church here in Fairbanks, AK and so since Jan was taking care of her Mom, and I was doing the Food ministry by myself. Upon arriving home at about 2:00 p.m. I found Jan totally exhausted due to the extreme amount of fear in her Mom for each time she would find herself drifting off, suddenly, due to the state of  her soul, would grab for the sheets and yell out “Jan!” so Jan wasn’t able rest any at all throughout the night/morning. When I had gotten home and had learned of all Jan had gone through and realized the fear of her Mom due to the state of her soul ( not knowing Jesus personally ), I decided it was time for all out warfare for the sake of Jan AND her Mom so told Jan, “Honey, you go get some rest and let me take care of your Mom.” So she did, she went to the adjoining room and went sound asleep in no time at all. I then spent the next 2 hours in all out spiritual warfare as follows; I ended up singing and praying constantly. The prayers were like the following “Heavenly Father, thank You for giving Your Son Who died on the cross for my sins. I confess to you my sins and ask Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of my soul.” This continual time of praying and singing for the first hour found her still extremely fearful for she would continue to ask for Jan and grasp at her bed sheets. BUT, the 2nd hour was TOTALLY different, the 2nd hour, there was so much peace in the room, you could feel it! She was no longer grasping at the sheets but listening intently to every word of every prayer and every song of worship. Then after this 2nd hour of continual prayer and singing with God’s peace filling the room, The Heavenly Father impressed upon my heart the following; He impressed me to reach over to her and gently touch her on her forehead and say the following “Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name, receive Your daughter” Now, keep in mind that prior to this time, Mary would have resisted ANY such touch upon her forehead but now with God’s peace filling the room as I touched her and repeated the words He put on my heart to say, she gently put her head back on her pillow and breathed out her final breath and it was if her and the Lord left the room together!!! It was BEYOND WORDS! I ended up bellowing out the doxology with all of my heart and crying at the same time due to the joy I had just experienced and Jan had just gotten up and heard the commotion and entered the room to find me singing and crying and shouting joy for her Mom’s passing. Wow! God is beyond words in His Love and Goodness. Oh, since I’ve shared with you about Jan’s Mom, let me also give Glory to our Lord about my step dad who had lived a very wicked life of alcohol abuse, child molestation, and who knows it all but God alone.

My step Dad’s name was Bill or William F O’Connor. I have shared with you earlier in this HUGE documentary (I believe) of how God had filled me with the Holy Spirit while eating dinner next to him as a 16 year old young man. So, while Bill was one sick puppy spiritually, God had done many mighty things with me near his life and he could NOT deny that. Anyway, while I was a young man in my twenties, Bill had begun hitting the bottle again and putting my Mom through so much torment that it burdened me to the point of taking a vacation and going home to see what I could do. Bill & I ended up doing what he enjoyed, taking a trip on one of the crystal clear high mountain lakes in Oregon on his houseboat that he had made. Bill was a genius when it came to inventing and making things. Anyway, when evening was coming upon us while on the lake, Bill pulled the house boat up near the shore where we were going to spend the night within the houseboat. After eating we did what we always would do in the evenings while on outings together and that was play the card game, gin rummy. And on this particular evening, it seemed as though God the Holy Spirit took over and began coming down hard on Bill by reminding Bill (using me as the mouthpiece) of all of the torment he had placed on so many people by his drinking and child molestations (I even confronted him when he tried to molest me). What really impressed me during this time was several things; 1. I never ever dreamed I could do what I was doing since Bill was a very hard man and 2. I could hardly believe my eyes to see Bill actually quietly listening to God’s Spirit come down on him so hard. Anyway, this evening of incredible admonishing by God’s Spirit finally did end and we went to bed. Upon waking in the morning, I was wondering to myself how we were going to relate with each other seeing how God had come down on him so hard using me the evening before and here’s what happened while I was wondering this; Bill walked up to me and hugged me and then thanked me for the talk we had! WOW! I couldn’t believe it, God is Awesome! Anyway upon returning home and calling my Mom one day, she exclaimed, “I don’t know what in the world happened between you two, but Bill is now letting me read devotions together with him in the evenings!” And, needless to say, that heavy burden that I had heard on her voice before going out to see them was no longer there and I was very, very grateful. OK, now step forward a few years from then and I ended up taking another trip to spend time with them and here’s what happened. Bill & I ended up taking another trip on his houseboat (he loved exploring God’s awesome Creation). While on this trip and in an evening after dinner and while playing another card game of gin rummy, I popped the following question, “Dad, you are getting up there in age and we’re not assured of tomorrow and I was wondering if you were to die tonight and stand before the Heavenly Father and He were to ask you why should I allow you into my Heaven? What would you say?” He then made a slight joke to make light of the question (don’t even remember what was said) but then he proceeded to try and answer it as follows; he was looking down and thinking out loud “well I’ve tried to be a good Christian, and then suddenly he looked up and straight into my eyes and exclaimed “And I’ve trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior” I then exclaimed That’s it!!! And that alone, not our works and anything we could do but the finished work of Jesus and His shed blood for our sins. OK, now fast forward a few years near the end of 1999 and Bill was getting ready to pass away due to illness having lived a long full life. He was going to pass while at home with my Mom and Mom has related to me the following; He would ask her peacefully “I wonder how I’ll leave the house upon passing” He was at total peace and Mom was quite impressed with this. Anyway He did pass and about a year later, it seemed that our Heavenly Father gave me the following vision/dream. I say vision/dream due to it being so real, it’s like I was there and can remember every detail of it for years afterwards. Here’s what I saw, I saw God the Father showing Bill his life privately and Bill’s head was hung down so very low because he had lived such a wicked life, he knew that he deserved absolutely nothing from God but His wrath and the torments of hell and suddenly while he was feeling this way, those exact same words he had exclaimed to me came ringing out over the airwaves of Heaven, “And I’ve trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior!” and at that moment the Heavenly Father looked over at His Son and said Because of Him, you are clean!!! WOW! God You are Glorious!

So here are only two instances of God’s amazing Love using me to touch my wife’s Mom and my step dad. He has performed many, many things in my life but to list them all would be impossible due to the time involved and the length of the facts.

OK, so let’s move on, I ended up using all of my sick leave while working for the FAA due to extreme migraines which when they would happen, I would be incapacitated and not able to work. Thus I ended up retiring about a year earlier than I had intended on Feb 28, 2014 with just shy of 32 years of government service in (including 4 years of active military service). OH, we also ended up selling our house at 991 Vail View to our boy Joseph and his new wife Nattanan (at only what we owed on it being about 180,000 with the house being assessed at about 250,000. We (the wife & I) ended up buying 10 acres on the Tanana river and building our dream retirement home which we moved into in Oct of 2010.

I had felt near my retirement date of some impending doom was getting ready to happen to this once great nation due to it sliding quickly into deep sin. I even felt it strongly enough to communicate my feelings to my closest friends and family members saying that I really didn’t think that I was going to be here due to being raptured by the Christmas of 2015. Well, that time has come and gone and here it is now Apr 21, of 2016 and I’m still expecting his “catching away” at any moment and still telling friends and family members which I’m sure by now are growing quite weary of hearing it.

So that my friend are some highlights of my life here below. I honestly feel this will be the last accounting of my life before I’m with my Lord & King in His Kingdom for all eternity. So for those who have taken the INCREDIBLE amount of time to read this, may Jesus be your heart’s fire and desire for all eternity!

Yours in His Love, Kevin K O’Connor

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