Penned by:        Kevin K O’Connor

Date penned:     Nov 17, 2017

Thought:            To pen some thoughts as to some of my thoughts to a Brother’s YouTube video titled “Intervention!”


Brother, thank you for being who you are! I love your heart and your logic. I hear your concern about 'speculating' and to be sure I knew the word, i looked it up; a :to meditate on or ponder a subject :reflect 1 :to take to be true on the basis of insufficient evidence :theorize and I believe what you're truly referencing in this  your video is the second definition of 'to take to be true on the bases of insufficient evidence.'  And while i'm in total agreement with you in regards to 'that' definition, there is a difference between 'hoping' and 'speculating' One is Could this be the day and the time? -- hope, hope, and the other one is 'based on what i've been able to determine, THIS is the date and the time!'  The one reflects one who is hopeful and expectant and excitedly watching, while the other is as i would agree with you is 'speculating' and drawing conclusions based on insufficient evidence. I imagine the wise virgins that our Lord Himself told us about in Matt 25:1-13 (He was still talking to His Apostles concerning the end-time events we just broke it up into chapters and verses) and I can see them listening for any 'possible sound' that He may be on the way and all of the wise ones saying to each other 'Could that be Him!???' with hopeful expectation. NOT speculation. So I can see your point of trying to bring balance to the situation, but feel you should have included hopeful is not speculative. Balance truly is a very beautiful trait that our Lord loves and we're really good at NOT being balanced but only presenting our small limited understanding on how we happen to see something. I have a penning (that's how the Lord uses me instead of videos) this last Jan of 2017 and am placing it here; For in that, i truly do see how we should be as God's wise virgins, hopeful and expectant rather than claiming a text that 'no one knows' and thus NOT watching expectantly nor hopefully but rather, relying on a 'mental acknowledgment' of God's Word. If our emotions aren't involved with the mental acknowledgment, neither is our God involved with us. (Lord, Lord didn't we do great and mighty acts in Your Name?) Love is more than confession of the mouth, it involves the heart or the seat of our emotions. So I'm very grateful that in this your video that you're working to bring the pendulum back to center, BUT, it would have been nice if you didn't go so far to the opposite side but to include in there how we ALL need to be passionately hopeful and expectant just NOT speculative as you’re saying here and that there is a difference here. I apologize for being long winded, but this was on my heart so wanted to express it. Lord Bless and thank you for being real, which our Lord LOVES! God Bless!



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