Getting the Jackalís Gaze from a Playstation 4

I found this awesome personís guidance was great to find BUT I found that it didnít work for me so am putting in RED the additional information I found that was needing to be done, after which, it worked!


NOTE: at step #3, which I feel should have been "If you had already installed the game, delete it (remove it entirely from your playstation 4)

I can confirm you can still get it by getting to the Smoke Over Water mission if you have the physical disc. 

Steps are:

1.) Turn internet off.
2.) Uninstall app data from hard drive.
3.) IF you already have had AC origins installed on your playstation 4 (with a network when it was installed, which means it updated already) you need to delete it from you playstation 4 (remove it entirely from your playstation 4)

4.) Reinstall AC Origins 1.0 from the physical disc.

5.) Play and complete Smoke Over Water (all your downloaded/bonus content/FFXV weapons will be gone, but donít worry).

6.) Equip Jackalís Gaze in #1 bow slot

7.) Turn on internet and let game patch back to 1.10.

You will still have the Jackal's Gaze. And as a bonus, all your content weapons will get upgraded to your current level instead of the level you unlocked them at. :)

NOTE: The ONLY part of the 7 steps that is solely mine is step 3. I found this guidance on the internet (with exception of step 3) and after playing an entire day to get a character back up to level 15, I found that it didnít work due to my game had already updated. So doing step 2 was to no avail because of that fact. My network is soooo S L O W!!! that it actually takes 19 hours to do the update so once finally getting the Jackalís Gaze, it took me another 19 hours to update AC Origins back to where it was initially. BUT Ė this bow is so awesome, Iíd do it again!

The following internet site was found to help me walk through the quest that grants you the bow (ONLY AFTER the prior 7 steps have been followed).

Assassinís Creed Origins Smoke Over Water Side Quest Walkthrough

Smoke Over Water is a Side Quest in Assassinís Creed Origins. This walkthrough shows how to complete the quest.

Recommended Level: 15
Region: Informant Table in Sapi-Res Nome
Requirement: having met Harkhuf in the Main Quest The Scarabís Sting
Reward: 2.000 XP

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