The Parable of the Doggies


This parable is an analogy of Matt 25:1-13 (the Wise verses the foolish virgins who all were waiting to enter into the Wedding Celebration of the Groom. Mat 25:1  “Then the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. 


Concocted by:            Kevin K O’Connor ( I happen to love dogs )

Date Concocted:         Jan 14, 2017


The Place of Doggie Heaven can be likened to 10 doggies, 5 wise and 5 foolish. The Wise ones were dogs that were full of ‘hopeful expectancy’ to leave with their master each time he would prepare himself to leave the house, while the 5 foolish ones were full of self-contentment to just be in the master’s household so would spend their time lounging either on the couch or their doggie beds chewing on whatever they could find.


Thus, each time the master of the house would prepare to go somewhere (it doesn’t matter where ANYWHERE would be Doggie Heaven as long as they were with their master) they would turn themselves inside out with ‘hopeful expectation’ that they were going too, not knowing that ONLY the master would know if they would be able to on whatever occasion he was leaving. The foolish dogs though just didn’t bother to let themselves get excited for they were just content to be in the master’s house on their favorite doggie bed with their favorite chew toy.


Each time one of the master’s departure would come, he alone would know if it  was time for him to take his dogs with him, if it wasn’t he would have to sadly say to the wise ones turning themselves inside out with ‘hopeful expectation’ “No babies, sorry, you can’t come with me this time”. Oh the dejection that those wise ones would feel, their emotional state would go from total bliss to total sorrow. How it broke the master’s heart to say no, but he alone truly knew what time would be best. The foolish ones would try and convince the wise ones that it would be best for them to be like themselves ‘not to get so excited each time the master would leave’ to spare their doggie buddies the heartache of being told no, you can’t come with me.


Then the day of departure came where the master of the house was going to go someplace special just for his dogs. The wise ones were at the door doing their dance of joyful expectation just as before while the foolish ones were also doing their usual routine of relaxing with their favorite chew toys. Which one of these groups of dogs do you think got to go with their master? Yep, your right, the ones that had experienced many times of sorrow from past experiences of ‘hopeful expectation’ but were told no, but NOT THIS TIME, they were the ONLY ones invited to come and wow! Were they happy! How sad and dejected the foolish ones were now while the wise ones were experiencing the greatest contentment that they could imagine.


This parable should speak for itself. How many Christians do you know are full of ‘hopeful expectation’ concerning certain times? How are we towards them, encouraging when they’re turned down and told ‘no, not this time’ or judgmental that they were even excited in the first place? I for one plan on being one of the ‘hopeful expectant’ ones and would rather go through a thousand denials to get to the one time that the Master of the House finally says, Yes! Now is the time!!! For it is those that are hopefully expectantly waiting which will be the ones invited in while the content ones will finally be the sad and dejected ones.


I hope you like my analogy for God created dogs and how wonderful they all are.


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