About me and my thoughts;


My name is Kevin O’Connor and my personal testimony with much information about my life is shared within my Testimony link (My Testimony). I guess the major characteristic of my character can be summed up with one word. “Intensity” When God made me; He made me very, very intense. This characteristic can be great when playing football or when dedicating your life to those you love but you’ve got to watch not over powering those that you love. It also happens to make a good prayer warrior, which the Lord Himself called me into. The thrills that I’ve gotten from being in His Presence while praying with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength are beyond my capability to express. My spirit has been absolutely saturated with the Joys of being with Him in intercessory prayer. It seems that the main theme through all of the thoughts listed herein within this web page has to do with all out, total and complete loving Him. The closer my heart has gotten near to Him the more I feel His intense hatred for a form of godliness, and lazy complacent love. So, please take note of this theme as you go along the path of my thoughts and may He Bless you richly!


KKO June 18, 2003


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