2380 Chief John Drive Construction

Planning Guide

All Hands meeting:    Oct. 1st, 2008
Where:                       Mayflower Buffett
Attendees:                  Jan, Kevin O. and Kevin K.
Purpose:                     To plot the course that is before us to accomplish the building
For comm. Purposes: Jan and Kevin O annotated as us or we and Kevin K noted as K herein

K mentioned needing to get another set of prints for the Trusses

We mentioned that weĠd have 5 more sets of plans prepared.

K informed us to contact Bridie at Lowes for the kitchen and bathroom design quotes he also informed us to contact Bridie at Lowes and Joe Lee at MacShanes for the flooring quotes.

K also mentioned contacting Alaska Fireplace.com concerning possible fireplaces.

He also mentioned that we needed to nail down the hardware (toilets, fixtures, colors, etcÉ) that we are wanting.

We came to consensus with K that we wanted fiberglass batting for the walls and cellulose for the attic for insulation.

We also agreed on a metal roof and a bedarus type furnace and to utilize his plan for a fireplace hearth.

We also agreed on having the furnace vent up thru the roof in the garage and the wood stove would vent thru the ceiling from within the living room area.

K told us to contact RiverĠs Wood Siding concerning a vinyl siding quote.

We gave K the name of the company (Great Land Windows) that weĠd like to get our windows from located on College road.

K mentioned for us to also contact Pioneer Windows for their quote.

K informed us of the new type of tubing that can be used for the radiant floor heating which sounded good to us.

K mentioned that he received the paperwork to fill out for Alaska USA for the building loan and we told him that we have also.

K mentioned that the project should probably be broken down or organized into sections of work to be performed for instance;
         1.      Fuel Tank Installation
         2.      Well to house connection
         3.      Plumbing & wiring
         4.      Septic system installation
         5.      Pier installation
         6.      Rough framing of the house.

We informed K that weĠd like a pocket door for the pantry

We informed K that weĠd plan on using all LED type lighting in the new house.

To modify or update this plan, please email us at rubornagain2@gmail.com